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Apex Centre

  1. Success Stories

    Use this form to share your Apex Centre success story.

Arts Commission

  1. Final Grant Report

    Use this form for your final report if your organization has received a grant from the McKinney Arts Commission.

Emergency Management

  1. Emergency Management Presentation Request

    Use this form to request a presentation by McKinney's Office of Emergency Management

  1. Preparedness Pledge

    Pledge to keep your family safe by being prepared.

Environmental Education

  1. Adopt-a-Park Liability Waiver - Adult
  2. Environmental Education e-Newsletter Sign-up

    Use this form to sign up for the City of McKinney Environmental Education e-newsletter.

  1. Adopt-a-Park Liability Waiver - Minor

Fire Department

  1. Annual Fire & Life Safety Self-Evaluation - Commercial
  2. Fire Code Violation Report

    Complete this form to submit a Fire Code or Life Safety violation report to the Fire Marshal.

  3. How to be a McKinney Firefighter Registration
  4. McKinney Fire Department Comments

    Use this form to provide the McKinney Fire Department with comments, commendations suggestions or complaints.

  5. Public Appearance / Community Outreach Request

    Request a fire station tour or a fire apparatus visit to your location

  1. Community Room Application Form
  2. Fire Department Inspection Request Form

    Use this form to request an inspection from the Fire Department.

  3. Life Safety & Community Education Program Request
  4. Notify Me of Entry-Level Firefighter Exam Date

    Sign up to be notified when an Entry-Level Firefighter Exam date is available.

Housing & Community Development

  1. Neighborhood Association Registration or Change

    Use this form to update and submit HOA information.


  1. Library Feedback

    Let us know about your experience

Main Street

  1. Bike the Bricks Volunteer Registration Form

    Bike the Bricks, Historic Downtown McKinney

  1. Friends of McKinney Main Street Investor Program

    Fill out this form to support McKinney Main Street through the Main Street Investor Program


  1. Bridal Show Gown Contest

    Use this form to enter the Bridal Show Gown Contest.


  1. Community Garage Sale 2017

    Use this form to register as a vendor for the Community Garage Sale.


  1. Northwest Sector Comment Card

    If you were unable to attend the NW Sector Public Meeting, you may submit your comments using this form.


  1. Extra Patrol Request

    Use this form to request additional police attention for a location or situation.

  2. National Night Out Block Party Registration

    Use this form to register your Block Party for National Night Out

  3. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Use this form to bring a traffic issue to the attention of the McKinney Police Department

  1. Hoopin' with the Blue RSVP

    Use this form to register for Hoopin' with the Blue.

  2. Tacos with Cops RSVP

    Use this form to register for Tacos with Cops.

Public Works

  1. Annual ET Controller Reregistration

    Use this form for your yearly ET Controller reregistration. New registrations are not available at this time due to water restrictions.

  1. Report a Water Use Violation

    Use this form to report a water use violation.

Solid Waste Services

  1. Household Hazardous Waste Pickup

    Use this form to order a HHW pickup at your home.

  2. Request Bulky Item Collection

    Use this form to request Bulky Item Collection

  1. Request an E-waste Pickup

    Use this form to request an e-waste pickup

  2. Request Damaged Cart Repair

    Use this form to request repair of a damaged cart.