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Final Grant Report

  1. City of McKinney Arts Commission

    When your Arts-Commission-funded project is complete, please submit this form and the following two items within thirty days after the event or season, depending on the type of event. These items must be submitted electronically.

    1. 1) A detailed Final Project Report covering all receipts and expenditures for the funded project.
    2. 2) A narrative report of the project.

    Please review carefully before submitting. Final Grant Reports may only be submitted once.

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  12. Total Revenue

    Include grant award funds.

  13. Total Expenses

  14. Promotion

    Did you include in all promotion, publicity and advertising the following line: "This project is funded in part by the City of McKinney through the City of McKinney Arts Commission."

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  16. Logo

    Did you use the City of McKinney logo on printed material?

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  18. Goals

    How successful was your event in accomplishing the Arts Commission goal, "To create a vibrant and viable arts community in which diverse, high quality arts opportunities are available to McKinney residents and visitors?

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