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McKinney Arts Commission Project Outreach Grant Application - Revised


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  • Grant Types

    1. Project Outreach Grant

      Provides financial assistance for the costs associated with a single, City-sponsored project. The intention of this grant program is to provide a funding source for one-time projects that the Arts Commission deems provide an artistic benefit to the City of McKinney community.

      Project Outreach Grants are open to, non-profits, individuals, businesses, and other organizations that do not have non-profit status. Funding is limited to no more than 50% of the applicant’s project expenses AND will not exceed $10,000 unless applying for the first time, which funding is limited to no more than 50% of the applicant’s expenses AND will not exceed $3,000. The funding request requires a 50% match.

      • The predominant purpose of the expenditure is to accomplish a public purpose.
      • Grant funds will be paid on a reimbursable basis at the completion of the event / project as outlined in the Outreach Grant proposal.
      • The City of McKinney will be acknowledged as an event / project sponsor in all publicity materials.
      • A Final Report is a requirement for this grant
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      The McKinney Arts Commission is currently accepting applications for financial assistance.

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