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McKinney Arts Commission Season Support Grant Application


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  • Grant Overview

    1. Season Support Grant

      Provides financial assistance for the costs associated with a full season of projects, performances, or events within the grant fiscal year. Applicants who have previously applied for MAC grant assistance and are seeking funding for more than one project, performance, or event per year fall within this category. For Season Grants, applicants must be non-profit corporations (such as 501(c)(3)).

      Season Support Grant funding assistance is limited to no more than 50% of the applicant’s project expenses AND will not exceed $20,000.

      To be eligible for Season Grants, applicants:

      • Must have been chartered for 12 months prior to application and have stable programming during this period.
      • Must have fulfilled all prior contact obligations to grantors successfully.
      • Must be based in McKinney. 

      For Season grants, the applicant organization must meet three (3) of the following four (4) criteria:

      • Maintain a principal office, primary facility, or a location where practice, rehearsals, performances, or exhibitions are regularly conducted within the City of McKinney.
      • Perform at least 2/3 of its events, programs, or performances within the City of McKinney.
      • Promote the City of McKinney (i.e., inclusion of McKinney in the organization name, stated McKinney purpose in by-laws or articles of incorporation or through other McKinney-focused initiatives).
      • Must have an active Board of Directors with either three members who reside or work in McKinney or, 1/3 of its members reside or work in McKinney.

      In addition, Season Support Grants must meet the following:

      • The predominant purpose of the expenditure is to accomplish a public purpose.
      • Grant funds will be paid on a reimbursable basis at the completion of the event / project as outlined in the Season Support Grant proposal.
      • The City of McKinney will be acknowledged as an event / project sponsor in all publicity materials.
      • A Final Report is a requirement for this grant.

    2. Are you applying for a Season Support Grant?*

      The McKinney Arts Commission is currently accepting applications for financial assistance.