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Adopt-A-Park Partnership Agreement


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  • Step One

    1. Guidelines
      Guidelines Partner organization agree to adopt-a-park for one year and provide clean ups on a minimum once monthly basis. Each organization must provide a roster of participants. Waivers must be signed and sent to Environmental Education by all participants, parents/legal guardians must sign waivers for minor children. The safety of participants is our main priority. We recommend children participants be accompanied by a minor with an ideal ratio of no more than 10:1. Participants should wear proper clothing and footwear, insect repellent, sun block, and a hat.

      Partnership commitment includes

      - Cleaning up parks a minimum of once a month a year

      - Picking up litter in the lawn, on sidewalks and parking lots using trash and recycle bags provided

      - place tied bags near trash cans for park maintenance staff to collect

      - Reporting clean up results to the survey on Adopt-a-Park website

      - pulling weeds from gardens is optional

      Immediately report: safety hazards, graffiti, and heavy items to Tim White at
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