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Clean Up Wrap-Up Report Form

  1. Instructions

    Please fill out this form to report the results of your Clean Up.

    Be sure to drop off your tools at the North Campus Public Works Building located at 3501 North Central Expressway, McKinney, Texas 75071

    Open Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm.

  2. Please include the date the Clean Up was performed on and approximate time it began.

  3. Please insert an approximate address of the Clean Up site. You can use the nearest location to where you parked if this was along a roadside.

  4. Be sure to conglomerate your trash into full bags at the end of your pick up event. 

    LG bags are 30 + gallon in size

    MD bags are 9 - 29 gallon in size

    SM bags are 1 - 8 gallons in size.

  5. Be sure to include items which are unable to fit in your trash bags.

  6. Please include a photo of your trash collected at the site. 

    Please upload a photo of any miscellaneous items found at your cleanup location.

    If you upload pictures with volunteers present, please be sure volunteer names are mentioned in the photo title or the notes/comment section.

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