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Fire Department

  1. Annual Fire & Life Safety Self-Evaluation - Commercial
  2. Community Room Application Form
  3. Fire Code Violation Report

    Complete this form to submit a Fire Code or Life Safety violation report to the Fire Marshal.

  4. Life Safety & Community Education Program Request
  5. Notify Me of Entry-Level Firefighter Exam Date

    Sign up to be notified when an Entry-Level Firefighter Exam date is available.

  1. Business Fire Self-Evaluation Verification Request

    This form will be submitted by a business to confirm they are eligible for the self-evaluation program and initiate their... More…

  2. COVID-19 Patient Home Isolation Monitoring Support

    If you have been instructed by your healthcare provider to isolate at home due to COVID-19 and would like a periodic welfare check by... More…

  3. Home Fire Safety Self-Evaluation
  4. McKinney Fire Department Comments

    Use this form to provide the McKinney Fire Department with comments, commendations suggestions or complaints.

  5. Public Appearance / Community Outreach Request

    Request a fire station tour or a fire apparatus visit to your location