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Preserve Historic McKinney - Home Recognition Program

  1. Home Recognition Calendar Nomination

    Home Recognition Program Overview

    Beginning in 2008, the City of McKinney Historic Preservation Advisory Board (HPAB) established the Preserve Historic McKinney – Home Recognition Program to recognize property owners who have revitalized our historic residential community by making significant exterior improvements to their individual properties.

    Fourteen residential properties are recognized annually by the HPAB.

    The Preserve Historic McKinney – Home Recognition Program complements the work of the City’s Historic Preservation Officer and Code Enforcement Officers. This program is not a grant or funding program. It recognizes the efforts of individual property owners and seeks to encourage future individual reinvestment in the historic residential community. The city already administers two economic incentive programs to encourage the appropriate preservation, restoration, and revitalization of historic homes in the community.

    What is Revitalization?

    The American Heritage College Dictionary defines revitalization as “imparting new life or vigor.” When applied to the built environment of our historic residential community, revitalization should take a number of forms:

    • Dramatic improvements to properties or structures that halt or reverse decline
    • Ongoing maintenance and/or refurbishment of structures and properties that sustains the existing form, integrity, and material of a building and prevents decline before it is allowed to begin
    • Infill development: high-quality new development on a vacant parcel that is appropriately designed to blend seamlessly into the fabric and character of an existing neighborhood.


    Criteria for Evaluation

    Nominations are evaluated primarily by assessing the property’s perceived impact on the surrounding area and how closely the property embraces the Mission Statement of the Historic Preservation Advisory Board, which is:

    “To maintain McKinney’s diverse architectural legacy, enrich the cultural identity of the community, and strengthen economic value through preservation and education for our present and future generations.”

    Nominated properties should typically incorporate the following elements:

    • Building improvements
    • Landscaping enhancements
    • A consistently high level of general maintenance

    Recognition Jury

    The Historic Preservation Officer shall collect the award nominations and forward the nominations to the Historic Preservation Advisory Board for review and selection of the 12 recognized properties for the next year.

    For more information, please email the Planning Department or call 972-547-2000.

  2. Application Deadline

    Nominations are due by December 31, 2023, for the 2025 annual calendar.

    Nominations received after this date will be held for future consideration.

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