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Housing & Community Development

  1. Block Party Trailer Reservation Submission
  2. HOA & Neighborhood Leaders Quarterly Meeting Registration

    Join us for important updates and news from our City Leaders.

  3. Neighborhood Association Registration or Change

    Use this form to update and submit HOA information.

  4. Transit Services Title VI Complaint Form
  5. Welcome Bag Request Form

  1. HOA & Neighborhood Leaders Holiday Get-Together Event Registration

    The event will feature holiday music, treats, and light fare, and we hope this will be a great opportunity for us to connect.

  2. HOA Management Companies

    Please provide us detailed information that we can share with our residents serving on an HOA Board that are seeking a Request for... More…

  3. Robert's Rules of Order 101 & Mock Meeting

    The meeting will cover the basics of Robert's Rules of Order followed by a fun mock meeting to practice your new skills.

  4. Transit Services Title VI Complaint Form - Spanish