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City of McKinney Watering Exemption Request Form

  1. Program Overview

    Residents may apply for a temporary water exemption in the case of newly planted landscape. Overseeding is not exempt. If approved, the exemption may allow daily watering, if necessary, up to 30 days from the date of installation of the area affected. All water consumed during this time is the responsibility of the account holder. Requests should be submitted prior to the purchase or scheduling of new landscape installation. Exemptions beyond 30 days of installation will not be considered.

    Submitting a water exemption does not guarantee approval. Exemptions are not required if you choose to hand water daily to establish new plant material.

    Outdoor Water Requirements Still Apply
    The outdoor watering requirements as defined in the City of McKinney Landscape Water Management Plan apply even when an exemption for new landscaping is granted:

    • No watering from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. between April 1 and October 31.
    • No water runoff flowing away from the property.
    • No watering of impervious surfaces such as streets, alleys, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.
    • No watering during precipitation or freezing temperatures.
    • Hand watering with a hose, soaker hoses, and drip / bubbler system is permitted.

    Requesting an Exemption
    Residents may request one exemption on an annual basis. Additional supporting documents (construction permits, invoices, receipts for landscape materials) are required with the request form.

  2. By submitting this form, I agree that I will:
    • Adhere to all specific requirements contained within the exemption;
    • Provide appropriate access (as required) to enable the City of McKinney to assess the initial application and monitor the ongoing adherence to any exemption conditions; and 
    • any other specified conditions as determined by the City of McKinney
  3. Invoice showing date of installation is required. If self-installed, receipt for purchase is required and date of purchase will be used to determine exemption dates.

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