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Request Bulky Item Collection


  1. 1. General Information
  • General Information

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    2. Order a Bulky Item Pickup Online
      Bulky items are picked up by appointment only. Please complete the information below. If bulky items are not left out on the selected date, a new request must be submitted and a trip fee may be imposed.

      Weekly bulky item pick-up is available up to 12 times per year at no additional charge for customers whose water billing account is current.
      • Bulky items are any items that do not fit into your trash receptacle.
      • A disposal fee will be charged for an excessive amount of bulky items set out or after the 12th scheduled bulky item collection in a calendar year.
      • Bulky items should fit into an area that is equal to or less than 3.5 feet tall by 3 feet deep by 9 feet long or may include two large household pieces. For example:
        • Mattresses (compressible items).
        • Household furniture (such as a sofa and a loveseat).
        • Household equipment (such as a washer and dryer)
        • Empty water heaters
        • Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners must have an HVAC specialist tag indicating the appliance has been evacuated properly and the freon has been removed by HVAC specialist.

        Acceptable home repair waste:
        • Floor covering / carpet cannot exceed 16 square feet.
        • Glass or mirror cannot exceed four foot square.

        Restricted items:
        • Materials resulting from construction, demolition or remodeling projects.
        • Treated wood or fence panels
        • Dead animals
        • Household Hazardous Waste
        • Automotive parts
        • Trash bags
        • Bagged yard waste, brush or limbs
        • Ammunition
        • Tires.

        Call Waste Connections at 469-452-8000 for disposal information.
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