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Film Permit Application


  1. 1. Permit Information
  2. 2. Fees
  3. 3. Applicant Information
  4. 4. Filming Description
  5. 5. Filming Schedule
  6. 6. Filming Location, Layout & Parking Plan
  7. 7. Traffic Control
  8. 8. Other Information
  9. 9. Other Permits & Fees
  10. 10. Alcohol / Public Notification
  11. 11. Insurance
  12. 12. Insurance Details
  13. 13. Security / Violations
  14. 14. Indemnification / Acknowledgment
  • Permit Information

    1. When a filming permit is required

      Any production company, business or individual wishing to conduct a film shoot shall obtain a Film Permit. For purposes of this permit, a film shoot means to perform or undertake any activity in a public place within the corporate limits of the City of McKinney which constitutes, in whole or in part, a component part of or necessary preparation for the process of recording moving images onto a tangible medium, including but not limited to motion picture photographic film, videotape, videodisc or digitized storage of video data. A film shoot does not include home movies or home videos not intended for commercial rebroadcast or viewing.

      This form must be returned 15 or more days before filming begins.

      The Film Company is responsible for acquiring any additional permits or permission required if any portion of the film shoot lies outside the jurisdictional limits of McKinney. If requested, the Film Company shall provide evidence of additional required permits or permission.